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Specializing in Survival Swim Lessons

About Us

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children ages 1-4.  Learning our swim-float-swim self rescue technique will help your child gain the skills and confidence to survive in the event of an aquatic event or emergency.


Here at Swim 386, we use a gentle, child-centered approach to ensure a positive, playful experience that is tailored to your child's individual needs and personality. All children who complete our survival swim program will learn to independently roll to their back to float and breathe. Depending on their age, they will continue the swim-float-swim method until they safely reach the side or exit of the water. 

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Survival Swim Lessons

Survival swim lessons are for any children new to our program. Ages 6 months and up will learn survival swim skills using our swim-float-swim method.  Lessons are a 6 week commitment, 4 days per week, 15 minute lesson. 

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Refresher Lessons

Refresher lessons are for any child that has completed survival swim training but needs these skills refreshed. Depending on age, these lessons can range between 2 - 4 weeks, 4 days per week, 15 minute lesson. 

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Maintenance Lessons

Maintenance lessons are for children who have completed our survival swim training or refresher lessons. These lessons will give your child the opportunity to maintain their survival skills while continuing to build upon their skills and confidence. Lessons can be arranged 1-2x per week/biweekly


Woodson's Reserve, Spring, TX 77386


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